bite size targeted learning leading to job skill transfer

Job Aids

Job aids are used to assist in skill transfer, to make key information accessible for quick retrieval and can be an essential tool for empowering people with usable information needed for performing required job tasks! 

RC Mission and Vision Job Aide.pdf

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Mission & Vision Statement

This job aid was created to support knowledge transfer of the company's vision and mission statement. Employees need these statements accessible in a clear and concise manner, accessible in all office spaces so they can be used as the driving force between all business interactions.

Tools Used: Canva

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RCC Employee Onboarding Course   |   Storyboard 


Videos provide engagement, brevity, accessibility and portability.  They can be essential microlearning tools for providing visual and auditory learning opportunities used alone, or within a larger e-learning course. 

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of the training.

Referee Work Day Expectations

This sample was designed for a three-part mini training series for 13-18-year-old referees in a flag football organization. The training is designed for delivery via 5-minute videos dispersed through text message links.

Process: This training uses a compelling storyline in a three-part series to facilitate learning for young learners who prefer short video clips. It includes real-time document samples for practical application and maintains engagement with a realistic storyline. 

Results: Directors' time spent directing referees to locations and tracking worker information during and after game nights decreased by 84%.

Tools Used: Vyond, Canva

Deliverables: Design Document  |   Storyboard 

The Art of Active Listening

Floworth identified communication issues and complaints about upper management's responsiveness. They aimed to enhance active listening skills in a 4-minute video, emphasizing importance of active listening and offering improvement strategies for personalized listening plans. 

Process: This training captures learners attention using relatable examples while giving time to reflect and create a personal plan moving forward.  The flow moves from simple to more complex content while switching the onscreen text and images timed out to keep attention yet provide predictability for comprehension. 

Tools Used: Camtasia

Deliverables:  Storyboard

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the training.